Caribou launches new line of coffee-in-a-can

Three flavors have been announced by the Minnesota coffee-maker.
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Caribou Coffee is following the likes of Starbucks in releasing its popular coffee in ready-to-drink cans.

The Minnesota-based coffee chain has announced this week it will be releasing three flavors of its "signature cold brew" in 11.5 oz cans.

The first flavor, its simple Cold Brew Black Coffee, is available in Caribou Coffee locations as of Thursday, at a price of $3.49 a can.

That's more expensive than getting Caribou Cold Press from the counter, where cold press costs $2.39 for small and $3.09 for large, according to Fast Food Menu Prices.

Caribou will follow it up this fall by releasing two more flavors: Cold Brew Original Crafted, with a "hint of cream and real sugar," and Cold Brew Vanilla Crafted, with "a touch of cream and vanilla."

"We are confident our new beverages are positioned to be the best in the RTD (ready-to-drink) coffee market, and they are packaged in a way that only the Caribou brand can deliver," said Caribou VP of global marketing Jenifer Hagness. "We could not be more excited to share this new portfolio with consumers."

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In its announcement, as much was said about the design of the cans as the coffee itself, with the chain's famous logo joined by colored silhouettes of caribou.

"The Caribou brand is the perfect combination of playful and premium – we take our coffee seriously in the North, but not ourselves," Hagness said. "Beyond developing great tasting coffee, the new RTD portfolio also allowed us to explore a new creative design with our iconic Caribou logo. Life is too short for bad coffee!"

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