Carry-on luggage travelers can use this little known entrance to MSP

The InterContinental Hotel says its TSA security entrance is open to everyone.

With long lines at Terminal 1 marking the start of the remodeling project at MSP Airport, there is an alternative entrance that many travelers will not be aware of.

The InterContinental Hotel has put out a reminder that it has a TSA security entrance on the 3rd floor of its hotel adjoining MSP, and wants to make it clear that all are welcome to use it.

The entrance has always been open to the public, not just hotel guests, but you should be aware that it's for carry-on luggage travelers only.

It's open from 5:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. every day, encompassing one of the busiest departure times of the day, and travelers don't have to be prescreened to go through. It's connected to Concourse C at Terminal 1 via skyway.

"Hotel officials recommend travelers be dropped off at the hotel’s entrance, park in the ramp next to the hotel or take InterContinental’s shuttle from the terminal to the hotel," InterContinental says.

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Until December, MSP Airport is directing all TSA and CLEAR PreCheck customers at Terminal 1 to its south security checkpoint, and all standard passengers to its north while it carries out reconstruction work on the main terminal atrium.

The new rules went into effect on Monday and was marked by major delays as huge lines formed at either end of the terminal.

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