Carver County Sheriff gets thank you note from jail inmate

The writer thanks the sheriff for the facilities at the local jail.
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Carver County Sheriff Jason Kamerud received an unusual thank you note this week, unusual in that it came from an inmate.

The letter dated Jan. 3 thanks the sheriff and the staff at the Carver County Detention Center, with the writer currently being held at the jail.

"I am sure your office has received letters before from other inmates or citizens complaining about corrections staff or jails procedures. This will not be such a letter," it begins.

The writer then goes on to praise the "cleanliness and overall maintenance" of the facility, which they call "exceptional."

"Also, your bailiffs, program staff, and all corrections officers have been nothing short of patient, respectful and encouraging, adding humor on the days it's needed most," the writer adds.

"With all that being said it has been helpful during my time here. You've provided me a safe environment for personal reflection and growth."

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The identity of the writer, who signs off "sincerely," has not been revealed by the sheriff's office. 

Nonetheless the sheriff's office was pleased to receive such praise for its jail staff who, it notes, "don't get a lot of thank yous in their line of work."

"Our mission statement is to treat everyone with respect and dignity and to do so with honor, integrity and pride," the office noted on Facebook.

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