Castle Danger can no longer sell growlers, so is seeking a law change

It'll have to stop selling them by the end of September.
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Acclaimed North Shore brewery Castle Danger is seeking help to change a law that will stop it from selling growlers as of the end of September.

The brewery, known for brews including its popular Cream Ale, is falling victim to a rule in state law that says breweries can no longer sell the 64 fl. oz. jugs of beer once their production hits 20,000 barrels sold a year.

With Castle Danger having hit that landmark, it will be prohibited from selling them from Oct. 1 onwards.

But it's not accepting the change without a fight. On its Facebook page the brewery is rallying support to bring about change at the legislative level so it can bring back the growler moving forward.

A Facebook post announcing the impending demise of the growler was met with an outpouring of support from fans, among them Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson.

"The city was very supportive of making this change," he wrote. "This is a state law that caused this problem. We will be back at the table next year and trying to get it changed."

"A CD growler is usually one of the highlights of my fishing/camping/hiking/BWCA trips up on the shore!" commented David Seigert.

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The executive director of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, Lauren Bennett McGinty, told KSTP that the loss of growlers can cost breweries "upwards of $300,000."

She also noted that other breweries that are closing in on the 20,000 barrel mark include several well known craft beer brands, namely Indeed Brewing of Minneapolis, Lift Bridge Brewing of Stillwater, and Bent Paddle Brewing of Duluth.

Castle Danger has previously told FOX 21 that growlers account for about 30 percent of its taproom sales.

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