Cat wakes up 'crabby' after being revived by Minnesota firefighters

No word on how many lives the cat has left.
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It's one thing for a fire department save a cat from a tree, but to rescue one from a burning building is next level stuff. 

It's what the Pine City Fire Department did Tuesday after responding to a house fire around 11 a.m. on Forest Road in the City of Pine City. 

After dousing the flames, firefighters did a sweep of the house and found a cat that was unresponsive. Fortunately, they got to the family feline fast enough and were able to revive the furball. 

"Not to start a cat vs dog argument but apparently, the cat was less than appreciative of the efforts and was described as quite 'crabby'," said the Pine County Sheriff's Office. 

"This might also explain why we have a K9 program and not a feline program at the Sheriff’s Office."

The house suffered heat and smoke damage but was saved, and there's no word on how many lives the crabby cat has left.

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