Catch a pass from Joe Montana at Ridgedale Mall ... for $699

Joe Montana autographs and photos aren't cheap.
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Joe Montana, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, will be in Minnesota this coming weekend for an autograph session at a Twin Cities mall. 

Montana will be at the Fan HQ store at Ridgedale Mall in Plymouth from noon until 1 p.m., and there's no doubt the Hall of Fame quarterback will draw a crowd. 

Montana, also known as The Comeback Kid and Joe Cool, is a four-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers and three-time Super Bowl MVP. He went to eight Pro Bowls and won back-to-back NFL MVP awards in 1989 and 1990. 

In short, Montana is a legend. And very expensive. 

For $699 (sold out, apparently), Montana will throw you a pass with an authentic NFL football and sign it afterward, also inscribing "Nice catch." Then he'll take a photo with you and the ball. 

Check out the prices for other types of autographs and photos. 

$189 basic autograph: Includes an autograph on a photo (up to 16×20), mini helmet, card, small figure/bobblehead, or paper item 16×20 inches or under. 

$189 photo with Montana: Maximum of 4 people (plus Joe) in one photo. No autograph. 

$209 VIP basic autograph: Same as the basic autograph but you get a pass to the front of the line (only 15 available). 

$229 deluxe autograph: Includes an autograph on a full size helmet, jersey, football, equipment, canvas print, photos larger than 16×20.

$249 VIP deluxe autograph: Same as the deluxe autograph but gets you a pass to the front of the line (only 15 available). 

$399 premium autograph: Includes an autograph on a 1981 Topps rookie card, stadium seat/seatback, or Super Bowl trophy

$399 basic autograph/photo combo: Includes a basic autograph, posed photo with Joe (max of 4 people plus Joe), and a pass to the front of the line. 

$439 deluxe autograph/photo combo: Includes a deluxe autograph, posed photo with Joe (max of 4 people plus Joe), and a pass to the front of the line. 

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Bizarre restrictions on what Montana will write

What we found pretty amusing is some of the restrictions being put in place on what Montana will write if you pay for a personalized inscription.

You first have to buy an autograph ticket and then for an extra $129, he'll add an inscription as long as it's not any longer than FOUR words (so, more than $30 per word) AND the inscription cannot mention any "career accomplishments."

So, for example, "To Dan, SB MVP" would not be allowed, but "To Dan – Best Wishes" would be acceptable. 

What's more, he also won't write either of the following phrases: "I left my heart in San Francisco," or "Teamwork makes champions."

Pre-approved inscriptions, as seen below, cost $109 to $269. 

  • $109 - "HOF '00"
  • $109 - "4X SB CHAMP"
  • $109 - "3X SB MVP"
  • $109 - "2X SB MVP"
  • $149 - "1977 NATIONAL CHAMPS"
  • $269 - SB XVI - XIX - XXIV MVP" 

Montana also will not sign any original artwork or lithographs, but the event rules don't say anything about Montana refusing to sign old Fruit of the Loom underwear or Sketchers shoes, products he's endorsed over the years.

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