Chart-maker's latest Instagram poll reveals neighboring states love Minnesota

Minnesotans, on the other hand, love Canada.
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Minnesota is loved by residents of neighboring states, while Minnesotans themselves love themselves a bit of Canada.

That's according to the latest self-confessed unscientific poll by Matt Shirley, who regularly goes viral for the charts he makes based on responses to questions he asks of his 292,000 Instagram followers.

We last featured his work in November, when he asked his followers what the least favorite city in their respective states were, and Minnesota's was Edina.

This time, he has asked his followers what their favorite state is other than their own, and the results reveal that Iowans, Wisconsinites, and North and South Dakotans love Minnesota.

Minnesotans on the other hand, um, didn't pick another state as their favorite, but instead were the only state to pick Canada.

No other state loves Wisconsin or the Dakotas, though at least Illinois residents love Iowa.

It follows on from a chart he released two weeks ago in which he asked his followers what their least favorite state is.

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Nobody picked Minnesota, with Wisconsin opting for Illinois and the Dakotas picking their Dakotan neighbor. Minnesotans, probably unsurprisingly, picked Wisconsin.

The most hilarious result of this poll, meanwhile, is that the state Floridians hate the most is ... Florida.

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