Check out Explore Minnesota's genius quiz to mark World Emoji Day

Can you guess them all?
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Explore Minnesota quiz

We're not going to lie, waking up and learning it's "World Emoji Day" was followed by a large sigh from this jaded writer.

They're so darn ubiquitous now that I really don't see why we need an entire day celebrating the online ideograms.

But I'm more than happy to give credit where credit's due when someone uses them well, as Explore Minnesota did by setting its followers this quiz about Minnesota places, using emojis as clues.

You can try the quiz yourself here – we've put the answers at the bottom of this page, so scroll down to get them when you're done.

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Ok here are the answers:

1. Paul Bunyan

2. Mall of America

3. Walker Art Center

4. Minnesota State Fair

5. Paisley Park

6. Como Zoo & Conservatory

7. Boundary Waters (BWCA).

8. Red Wing

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