Chisago Co. deputies forced to rescue 2 horses... and a llama

The unlikely trio escaped from their pen on Friday and had a little adventure.
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Authorities in Chisago County are reminding livestock owners to check their fencing after an unusual escape this week.

On Friday, the local sheriff's office tweeted the following:

Luckily, the animals seem to have been recovered without incident, with the sheriff's office saying they were escorted home by a couple of deputies.

The tweet did include the hashtag #CheckYourFencing, so we're guessing a local livestock owner owes the Chisago County sheriff a solid.

By the way, don't think of that llama as an exotic pet. They're well known for their value as livestock guardians (as they're not afraid to fend off some predators in defense of their herd), not to mention the value of their wool. 

They were introduced to the U.S. around 1900, while their smaller cousin, the alpaca, didn't show up here until the 1980s, Hobby Farms notes.

The International Llama Registry says there are 706 llama owners in Minnesota. 

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