Chomonix Golf Course might get 3 years to prove it's worth keeping open

The Lino Lakes golf course has been losing money since 2014.
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It's not a done deal just yet, but it appears as though Chomonix Golf Course in Lino Lakes could get a three-year reprieve from closure, after the Anoka County Board says it's willing to discuss options to keep it open. 

Earlier this week, Anoka County Parks informed community members of Chomonix's financial struggles, saying it had been losing money since 2014 and keeping it open another five years would cost taxpayers approximately $1.5 million. 

Plans were readied to immediately replace the golf course with an outdoor recreation area that would include an archery range, mountain bike course and picnic pavilion. The only way to save the course, the parks committee said, was if the City of Lino Lakes took it over. 

However, Anoka County Board Chair Rhonda Sivarajah has proposed to keep the course open at last three more years while the county evaluates the course's revenues and expenses.

"My proposal will be to look at giving it a really good shot for the next 3 years; if we’re able to turn it around, that will be the most positive outcome," Sivarajah said. "If we’re not able to make the course financially sound again, then we’ll have the opportunity for more discussions."

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The proposal will be reviewed by the Parks Committee during a Feb. 5 meeting at Bunker Hills Activity Center in Andover.

The meeting starts at 9 a.m. and is open to the public, and the county is open to listening to ideas on how to make the course financially viable for the long term. 

Chomonix supporters have been signing a petition with Twin Cities Golf to keep the course open, which you can see right here

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