Chris Rock to star in 'Fargo' season 4, but probably won't have a Minnesota accent

The action is shifting to Missouri.
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Since making the move to the small screen, Fargo has made a business out of left-field casting calls, but none quite so unexpected as Chris Rock.

The comedian has been announced as one of the actors featuring in the acclaimed show's 4th season, but regrettably we won't get to see him follow the likes of Martin Freeman, Ewan McGregor, Patrick Wilson and Kirsten Dunst in putting on a Minnesota accent.

That's because after 3 seasons of Minnesota-set action (albeit filmed in Canada), the 4th season shifts the setting south to Kansas City, Missouri, Mashable reports.

This time it's set in 1950, with Rock playing the head of an African-American criminal syndicate who has surrendered his son to a rival syndicate to cement an uneasy peace, receiving the other crime lord's son in return.

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When the leader of the Italian-American syndicate dies in surgery, all hell breaks loose.

Fargo Season 3, which was set in St. Cloud, Eden Valley and Eden Prairie, Minnesota, was the first season not to feature Fargo at all.

It remains to be seen if Fargo, or indeed Minnesota, will have a part to play in the 4th season.

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