City's festive giveaway canceled after donations end up on resale sites

The annual event in Kenyon, Minnesota, took donations for those in need.
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There will be no "Garage of Goodness" in Kenyon, Minnesota this December, because some people have been taking advantage of others' generosity.

The event has been running for years now, organized by the Kenyon Police Department and Police Chief Lee Sjolander, who would open up an old building in town that would be filled with residents' donations of clothes, toys, furniture, baby supplies, household items and more.

Once the items were collected, the building would be opened up during the first week in December for those in need to come and take items for free.

But it won't be going ahead this year, with Sjolander informing residents that they have decided to cancel the festive event after becoming aware that some of the donated and taken items were ending up on resale sites.

"Last year, after the event, we received word that some people who had attended this event took items to resell on social media sites, at pawn shops, etc," he wrote.

"And while we can’t tell people what to do with the items they received during this free event, taking items that were set out to hopefully fill a need and then sell them doesn’t sit well with those who donate items or volunteer their time setting up this event, and after visiting with local residents and city staff, we have decided to not host this event again."

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The event would be held in an old ambulance building in Kenyon, per the Amery Free Press, with Sjolander's announcement being met with regret that the actions of a few have ruined the event for all.

The police department has said that while it won't have any involvement with the Garage of Goodness anymore, it is willing to offer help to anyone who wants to take over and run the event themselves.

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