Comcast increases download speeds for many Twin Cities customers

The company announced four tiers of internet speeds will be increasing.
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Comcast St. Paul Office

Many Comcast internet customers in the Twin Cities will soon be getting faster internet speeds.

The communications giant announced Monday it'll be increasing download speeds for four of its Xfinity internet tiers.

All customers who have the following internet products will see these speeds increase, no matter if they're internet-only customers or have an internet-phone-TV package deal with Comcast.

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The company says it's the latest "in a series of moves by Comcast to support growing consumer demand for super-fast, high-capacity Internet connections" amid the growth of smart homes and the "explosion of connected devices."

"The modern home of today requires fast Internet, wall-to-wall Wi-Fi and the ability to manage connectivity needs of the entire household,” said J.D. Keller, regional senior vice president of the Comcast Twin Cities Region.

"These speed increases reflect our ongoing commitment to offer the fastest Internet to our customers, while xFi provides the tools and features to manage the ever-growing number of connected devices, apps and technologies in their homes."

Comcast currently quotes Twin Cities customers the following prices for the four internet products listed above.

  • Performance Plus – $29.99-a-month for 1st year, rising to $59.95-$66.95 thereafter.
  • Performance Pro –  $44.99-a-month for 1st year, rising to $74.95-$81.95.
  • Blast! Pro – $59.99-a-month for 1st year, rising to $89.95-$96.95.
  • Extreme Pro – $74.99-a-month for 1st year, rising to $104.95-$111.95.

For any customers that do sign up for Comcast based on the lower introductory prices, we would urge you to call them after the year is up to renegotiate so you're not paying the entire higher fee after that, as customer service reps tend to have some wiggle room on how much you have to pay and can offer other incentives to keep you as a customer.

Comcast announced last week that it will be making its streaming boxes, Xfinity Flex, available to all its internet-only customers for free, having previously charged $5-a-month.

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