'Community safety is much more important': Common Roots Cafe says it won't reopen June 1

The Minneapolis cafe took a shot at the federal government's failure to support small businesses.

Another Twin Cities restaurant has announced that it will not be reopening on June 1, when patio dining is permitted under new rules announced by Gov. Tim Walz.

Common Roots Cafe at 26th and Lyndale said it will not join the growing number of eateries reopening for outdoor dining, saying: "Community safety is much more important than the success of our business."

"We don't pretend to know how to best manage safety in a pandemic," a post on the cafe's Facebook page reads.

"We are very thankful for leaders in our state, from Governor Walz on down, who are thinking about that every day and trying to steer a course that prioritizes safety with keeping things as normal as is possible. However we realize that we're not in control — the virus is.

"And while we know that many restaurants have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to open, that's not us. We have a beautiful patio and would love to share it with you, but for now we're going to keep on doing what we've been doing: contact-less pickups of online orders." 

The cafe did take a shot at the Trump Administration however, claiming it has not provided "the economic supports necessary to keep small businesses from closing and laying off employees."

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"Without strong supports, we're going to see more and more small businesses fail and that's terrible," the post continues.

"But blame should go directly to the utter failure of the federal government. We can't be forced to choose between saving lives and small businesses.

"It's an impossible choice to get right, and one that we shouldn't be asking -- we have great wealth in this country and we should be able to do both."

Another venue that has announced it will not reopen on June 1 is Bunny's Northeast, which says it doesn't have the patio space to serve enough diners to make it worthwhile, with the eatery also shutting down its takeout orders until it's ready to reopen.

There are plenty who will be opening though, with WCCO's Jason DeRusha having compiled a list you can find here.

You can place a pickup order from Common Roots here.

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