Company that bought Herberger's plans to bring stores back ... but not in Minnesota

The new owner of the Bon-Ton Stores Inc. says it 'saves companies from Amazon.'
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No sooner had Herberger's shut down for good that it was promised it would be coming back, but it doesn't look like that's the case in Minnesota.

The new owner of Bon Ton Stores Inc., the parent company of several retail chains including Herberger's that filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, is CSC Generation, according to media reports.

On its website, CSC refers to itself as a "multi-brand technology platform that is saving companies from Amazon," suggesting that any possible future for the Herberger's brand will likely be online.

However, USA Today is reporting that while the new Bon-Ton's primary focus will be to "emphasize its online shopping experience," it is also considering re-opening bricks and mortar stores in five states.

Unfortunately, the states it is looking at does not include Minnesota, with Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania those under consideration.

It's not clear yet which store brands would re-open in each state, as Bon-Ton Stores owned several retail chains.

It'll mean that even if the Herberger's store brand comes back, it won't be in the state that it got its start, having first opened in Osakis, Minnesota in 1927.

The last of the 19 remaining Herberger's stores in Minnesota, and two Younkers stores also owned by Bon-Ton, closed for good at the end of August.

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