Cop smiles as she captures huge, still-alive snake in Blaine

The snake is still out there.
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You know that feeling you get when you're alone and you think you see something out of the corner of your eye? 

We've found that something, and it's a gigantic snake. It lives in Blaine, in the Austin Park neighborhood, to be exact. Fortunately, the slithering monster was taken into custody by the Centennial Lakes Police Department after it was found in the road Monday. 

*What's that? It was released?*

"Why did the snake stop halfway across the road in the Austin Park neighborhood in Blaine?" asked Centennial Lakes Police Department on Facebook

"We don't know, but our CSO Carlson was there to move it to safety. No reptiles were harmed," the police department added. 


The snake is still out there, along with others (probably) because it looks like a bullsnake, which are commonly found in counties along the Minnesota, Mississippi, and St. Croix rivers, according to the DNR

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Adult bullsnakes (also known as a Gopher snake) average 37-72 inches in length, with the state record coming in at a whopping 100 inches. That's more than eight feet long! 

Based on the pictures shared by Centennial Lakes PD, the serpent they found in Blaine has got to be close to 100 inches. Or maybe my fear is leaking into my reporting. Hard to tell.

Freaky though they may be, bullsnakes are nonvenomous and are really good at hunting rodents.

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