Coronavirus: This map shows where you can find free children's meals

School districts, restaurants and nonprofits are trying to fill the void left by the school closures.
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With the school shutdown entering its second week, with a longer shutdown possibly to follow, efforts are being made to ensure students still have access to free, nutritious meals.

School districts, nonprofits and privately owned restaurants have been stepping up to fill the void left by the closure of school buildings, and the associated loss of school lunches.

Hunger Solutions has put together the map resource below that shows a huge array of free lunch pick-up spots and restaurants offering free meals for kids.

Also in-demand at the moment are food shelves, and Hunger Solutions has put together a list of five ways that Minnesotans can help.

More than anything right now the organizations that operate food shelves need money and volunteers, so donating your cash and time will help considerably.

If you are among the people who bulk-bought more than needed prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, food shelves are also asking people to consider donating some of it to help those in need who didn't have the money to shop ahead.

Food shelves could also make use of any boxes and paper bags as they move to a "pre-pack box model" to limit social contact. Finally, Hunger Solutions advises you make as few trips to a food shelf as possible, so ask a neighbor if they need anything before you go.

If you need to get connected to a local food shelf, or need help applying for SNAP benefits, call the Minnesota Food Helpline 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, at 888-711-1151.

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