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Dairy Queen 'pay it forward' chain in Brainerd lasts for more than 900 customers

Generosity is alive and well!

There was no shortage of generosity on display in Brainerd last week, as a "pay it forward" chain at a Dairy Queen lasted two-and-a-half days.

The DQ Grill & Chill at 516 C St. NE said the chain was started in its drive-thru Thursday afternoon, with a customer choosing to pay forward some money to be used by the next customer in line.

This next customer paid it forward to the next customer, and so on until the chain ended on Saturday, after more than 900 customers had taken part.

"Thank you to all of our Fans for Paying it forward," the DQ posted on Saturday. "It was awesome to experience." 

The restaurant also told the Brainerd Dispatch that as well as customers in line paying it forward, they also received a call from a member of the community who donated $80 as word of the chain spread.

And in one instance, one customer came through the line twice, just so they could add more money to the pot.

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