Deal struck to re-open security checkpoint at MSP Airport hotel

The organization that runs MSP Airport has agreed to temporarily pay for the checkpoint to stay open.
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The closure of the security checkpoint to MSP Airport Terminal 1 lasted just four days, with the Transportation and Security Administration re-opening it as of Friday morning.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), which runs the Twin Cities airport, had criticized the TSA for shutting down the little-known checkpoint at the InterContinental Hotel on Tuesday.

But it re-opened at 4:45 a.m. Friday following a "productive discussion" on Thursday between MAC CEO Brian Ryks and TSA administration David Pekoske.

"The checkpoint is a tremendous convenience for guests of the MSP InterContinental Hotel and an alternate Terminal 1 entrance point for all flyers with only carry-on bags,” Ryks said.

"We are pleased the TSA is willing to partner with us to reopen the checkpoint and ensure it becomes a reliable screening option going forward."

The TSA had said that it was closing the checkpoint because it's rarely used by travelers, though the MAC had suggested it was going to start raising awareness of its availability in the future.

As part of the deal to re-open the checkpoint, the MAC has agreed to reimburse the TSA for the cost of operating the checkpoint through the TSA's new Reimbursable Screening Service Pilot Program.

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This program sees airports pay the TSA for keeping "non-primary" checkpoints operational.

The MAC is working on an agreement to provide funding for the checkpoint, which will be reevaluated in 12-18 months to see if the checkpoint is being used sufficiently enough for the TSA to resume funding it.

“This is the outcome we’ve been trying to get to – reliable operation of the hotel checkpoint for travelers at MSP Airport,” said MAC Chair Rick King. “I want to thank TSA Administrator Pekoske for working with us to resolve this issue in the best interest of the flying public.”

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