Delta tops Wall Street Journal's 'Best Airline' rankings

The world's second largest airline counts the Twin Cities as one of its major hubs.
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Delta has been named the best airline in the U.S. for the third year in a row in the Wall Street Journal's annual rankings.

The Atlanta-based airline counts Minneapolis-St. Paul International as one of its major hubs, and is the company most used by Minnesota travelers.

The Wall Street Journal ranked airlines based upon "key operational areas," with Delta placing first in three of them: on-time arrivals, canceled flights and involuntary bumping.

The only areas in which it performed poorly was "2-hour tarmac delays," where it was 6th out of the 9 largest carriers involved in the rankings.

Of the other airlines that fly from MSP, American Airlines – the world's largest airline by passenger volume – was the worst performing for the third year out of the past five, ranking 9 out of 9.

Another major carrier, United, was in 8th position, scoring poorly for mishandled baggage and on-time arrivals.

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The two multi-national airlines finished behind two budget carriers that operate from MSP, Spirit and Frontier airlines, which ranked 5th and 7th respectively.

Another Twin Cities airline, Sun Country, isn't large enough to be classed as a "major carrier" per the WSJ's criteria.

Delta improved its on-time arrival rate to 83.4 percent, up from 82.9 percent a year before. That's despite an increasing amount of severe weather linked to climate change, which airlines noted has been having an impact on operations.

You can find more from the WSJ's rankings here.

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