Dialogue Minnesota podcast: How fake news causes us to question our long-held beliefs

The Dialogue Minnesota podcast gets a U of M professor's expertise on fake news.
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The Indian Ocean is the largest of the oceans. 

You probably already know that the Pacific Ocean is actually the largest, but would you be able to answer that correctly on a quiz if you read something that said otherwise?

It's a fascinating study that University of Minnesota English Department Chair and Professor Andrew Elfenbein wrote about in his new book, "The Gist of Reading," and he discussed it with Jim du Bois on this week's episode of Dialogue Minnesota

Elfenbein says that what we read, even if it's fake news, can cause us to question our long-standing beliefs.

More frightening is that Elfenbein says psychologists have found that even when people are informed that what they're about to read contains misinformation, they are still likely to believe the false facts. 

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