'Don't feed our deer, they're fine," Schell's Brewery tells visitors

It comes after concerns were raised on social media the deer were malnourished.
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August Schell's Brewing has asked visitors to its New Ulm brewery to stop feeding the deer on its grounds, after concerns were raised on social media that the animals were malnourished.

The brewery has explained that the deer aren't underfed, but rather it's at the point of the year where they begin to shed their coats, with the thicker guard hairs that then comes in giving them a disheveled appearance.

This in turn prompted posts on social media, which the brewery has resulted in people "coming to the park and throwing items in the pen that deer cannot consume."

"Items we’ve had to pull out of their feeding area include orange peels, plastic, paper, chicken meat with bones, mushrooms and a beef burrito still wrapped in plastic," the brewery said on Facebook.

"This presents a new set of dangers, as employees and family members of the August Schell Brewing Company need to go in to remove the inedible trash. The bucks are in the heat of the rut at this time and are very aggressive.

"In the brewery’s history, former president Al Marti was gored by a deer in our park during the rut so the safety of our employees and family is something we take very seriously. Again, we respectfully request visitors, however well intentioned, please refrain from throwing trash and inedible items in our pen."

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Schell's says that it provides its deer with "certified commercial deer food" as well as grains, alfalfa and de-wormer feed, which is available for them to graze at all times of the day.

The brewery says that these concerns surface at this time every year, adding that the deer "are a part of our family and a cornerstone of what makes our brewery what it is."

Here's the full post from Schell's Brewery.

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