Don't forget to change your clocks, daylight saving time ends this weekend

You'll get some extra sleep .... so long as your kids don't wake.
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At last, you can finally catch up on some much-needed sleep, as it's the end of daylight saving time this weekend. 

The clocks fall back one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday, meaning you'll wake up to a little more light in exchange for eating dinner in the dark the next four-plus months.

For sleep-deprived parents, we wish you luck as there's no guarantee that your child will sleep an extra hour. Who knows, maybe they will?

Nope, sorry, they won't. Because they don't care about the bags under your eyes and constant yawning. That's your problem, not theirs. 

Your cellphone and smart watches will take care of the time change for you, but remember to change all your digital clocks, like on the stove, microwave and in your car, and wind back any analog clocks in your house.

Get used to the dark evenings though, we'll be stuck with them until daylight saving time is back on March 10, 2019.

While there have been many attempts across the U.S. to bring an end to daylight saving time, with opponents citing impacts on health and traffic collisions particularly when we spring forward, only two states don't observe daylight saving time – Hawaii and Arizona.

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