Dot's Pretzels are now available in candy bar form

Two things: Where are they and give them to me.
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After enjoying a meteoric rise to national prominence, North Dakotan phenomenon Dot's Homestyle Pretzels is expanding its suite of snacks.

The pretzel recipe of founder Dorothy “Dot” Henke has proved hugely popular, with her garlic and onion covered snacks now found across the country, having originally been made by Dot in her home kitchen.

Capitalizing on her runaway success, Dot's Pretzels recently announced it will start catering for those with a sweeter tooth in the form of three new candy bars called the Mr. Dot Bar.

Promising "unexplainable goodness," the new candy bars come in milk, dark and white chocolate form, with the famous seasoned pretzels crushed and mixed in with the chocolate and toffee to make a sweet-savory delight.

Henke told the Star Tribune that the new products are the result of a collaboration with a confectioner who coincidentally shares their second name.

The newspaper notes the bars have been rolled out to Ace Hardware stores – which is one of the major carriers of Dot's Pretzels.

Don't be surprised if the candy bars are found on the shelves at grocery stores before long either, considering the likes of Target have started carrying Dot's Homestyle Pretzels in some of its Midwest stores.

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