Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge working again after being stuck due to ice

Work had to be called off on Wednesday due to falling ice.

UPDATE 12:15 P.M.

The City of Duluth has announced that the Aerial Lift Bridge is working once again.

"The Aerial Lift Bridge was successful in shedding more ice weight this morning, which has allowed the bridge to become operational again," a city statement said.

"Shipping has been reactivated to use the Duluth Shipping Canal again under the Aerial Lift Bridge."

8 A.M. Thursday

It's now been several days since Duluth was hammered by a blizzard, and the city's famous Aerial Lift Bridge is still stuck.

Heavy ice caused the bridge to remain in the down position following the weekend storm, which dumped 22 inches of snow on the city.

Ships have been diverted via the Park Point entry to the Twin Ports, while workers from the city de-iced the bridge.

But on Wednesday, the warm temperatures and the sun led to some natural de-icing that presented a safety hazard for city workers, who were then called off from working on the bridge.

"A test lift was attempted and the bridge motors are still drawing too many amps due to the excessive weight," the city said.

Ice removal will continue on Thursday in an effort to re-open the bridge. Meanwhile, traffic will not be impacted by the work.

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On Wednesday, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson admitted that the city had let its residents down with its response to the weekend storm.

It comes after some residential streets still hadn't been plowed since the storm, while two elementary schools had to cancel classes for the third day in a row.

"This was a very different snowstorm than the ones I have experienced the last four years," she said. "And while we are a climate that is used to experiencing snowfalls and extreme weather, the combination of things made this very difficult."

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