Eagle attacks woman near North Shore restaurant, kitchen manager steps in to save her

The eagle is not believed to have been harmed.
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There were dramatic scenes on the North Shore Thursday, when a woman was attacked by a juvenile bald eagle.

The unlikely incident happened near the Cascade Lodge and Restaurant in Lutsen, with lodge owner Jelena McAleer posting on Facebook that they believe the eagle might be sick or injured.

"We think that the eagle is either sick or injured, it sat on the property on different trees and spots since last night," she wrote. 

"Then today, it decided that this person was walking by just close enough for it to go after her."

It was then that Cascade Lodge kitchen manager Bernie Banks leapt into action. He was outside when the attack happened and used his chef's coat to cover the eagle's head, and pull it off the woman.

Fortunately, neither the bird, Banks, or the woman were injured in the incident.

The remnants of Bernie Banks' chef's jacket.

The remnants of Bernie Banks' chef's jacket.

WTIP reports that the woman who was attacked may have been trying to stop the juvenile eagle going into the road, as the bird had been seen wandering around Hwy. 61, acting strangely and slowing traffic.

The Duluth News Tribune reports the eagle spent several hours hopping on various vehicles, including a Cook County Sheriff's Office squad, but flew off before volunteers from the Raptor Center could arrive to collect it.

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