Eat Street's Quang Restaurant is getting a facelift

The restaurant faced a choice of remodeling or opening another restaurant.
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The popular pho purveyors at Minneapolis' Quang Restaurant are giving themselves a facelift.

The restaurant on Nicollet Avenue's Eat Street is celebrating its 30th birthday with a major remodel that it says will "make room for a better use of space for diners, delivery and take out."

Its owners were faced with a decision to either open a new location or improve its existing home, and opted for the latter, releasing a few, very "Walker Art Center-y" sketches of how the updated restaurant will look.

"We gave A LOT of thought to opening another location, but ultimately wanted to provide the same great food and family atmosphere WITH an improved experience WITHOUT compromising the food quality that often comes with multiple locations," it wrote on Facebook.

"We believe that quality, location and the people (staff, customers and family) are what got us through the first 30 years and we believe that those 3 things are the winning recipe for another 30 years!!!"

The restaurant will be closing for the start of the remodel, but only for a brief six days starting this Sunday.

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The remodel will then continue through spring and should be ready this summer.

Quang was named CityPages' "Best Vietnamese Restaurant" in its 2018 "Best Of" series, and is also highly rated by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern, who is a big fan of its beef noodle soups.

(Oh, by the way, CityPages reports that it's pronounced "Quong" rather than "Quahng.")

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