Edina city manager hastily retreats after ripping Minneapolis on Twitter

It didn't go well for him.
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Edina city manager Scott Neal can expect as frosty a welcome in Minneapolis as Adam Banks received when he first donned a Ducks jersey.

Neal made a faux pas on Twitter Tuesday when he linked to a Wall Street Journal article describing city-dwellers upping sticks for the suburbs.

"Minneapolis is growing, but what happens when all of those young North Loopers start their families?" Neal wrote.

"Will they send their kids to Minneapolis Public Schools? Or, will they move to a town with great neighborhoods and schools, and an easy commute to work?"

Firstly, he actually wrote "pubic" instead of "public," which we're just going to strike up to an honest mistake (we've all been there).

But looking at the content of what he's saying, you can see where he has raised the hackles of Minneapolis residents.

Responders immediately jumped to the defense of the many great neighborhoods and schools in Minneapolis, while pointing out that Edina is hardly the place for a short commute given that many of its residents will work in, you guessed it, Minneapolis.

Others also detected a racial subtext that by referring to "North Loopers" there's a suggestion of "white flight" from an increasingly diverse city.

Upon seeing the response to his tweet (at 9 p.m. Tuesday it had 116 comments to just 4 "likes") Neal moved to apologize.

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"This is a complex subject matter," he wrote. "My attempt to discuss it was too provocative and inarticulate. I did not intend to offend or denigrate. Apologies to those offended by my words."

"I am sorry for this tweet I made earlier today," he later added. "It was not humble or well thought out. I have reached out to Minneapolis leaders to apologize. I am reminded we all take pride in where we live and send our kids to school. As a Minneapolis resident, I should have known better."

While some thanked him for the apology, there were one or two like this.

For what it's worth, Edina Senior High School is one of the best high schools in the state, ranking 10th on this U.S. News list. That said, Minneapolis does have two that feature in the Top 100 – Southwest High School in 41st and Washburn High in 98th.

However Minneapolis was also home to 12 of the lowest-performing schools, which were identified by the state as requiring extra support last year.

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