Edina now has its own craft beer, Cake Eater IPA, thanks to Fair State

You can get it at Fair State's taproom or at Edina Liquor stores.
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When one is in Edina, one drinks the Cake Eater IPA.

Yes, the oft-repeated insult hurled at Edina residents is now being immortalized in beer form, as the suburban city continues its efforts to reclaim the name and wear it/drink it as a badge of honor.

The coconut and vanilla-flavored Vegan Milkshake IPA is the work of northeast Minneapolis' Fair State Co-op, which has teamed up with the City of Edina for the concoction.

You can only try the new beer at Fair State's taproom or at Edina Liquor, the city's chain of municipal liquor stores.

Speaking to CityPages, Fair State says it used coconut and vanilla to mimic the taste of cake while keeping it vegan-friendly.

While used as a barb aimed at Edina dwellers for many a year – including famously in The Mighty Ducks – it seems to have become a source of local pride and self-deprecation in recent years.

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For example, the city will be holding its 14th annual Cake Eater Classic next month, one of the largest girls' hockey tournaments in the country.

Meanwhile General Sports at 50th and France started selling the below t-shirt earlier this year, paying homage to the saying.

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