Everyone's going crazy over Aldi's wine advent calendars, but not Minnesota

Blame Minnesota's liquor laws.
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In a stroke of retail genius, Aldi has started selling advent calendars filled not with chocolate or festive pictures, but wine.

The result, as you might expect, was mayhem, as shoppers all over the country have been clamoring to get their hands on the hot ticket item, with each of the 24 days before Christmas corresponding to one of 24 bottles of wine in the box.

Aldi's supply of the $69.99 calendars sold out in a day.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it), the mad dashes seen in dozens of states across the country haven't been replicated in Minnesota – because the 21-pound calendar is not being sold here.

Why, you ask? Blame Minnesota's liquor laws. While other states are a little more liberal in allowing grocery stores to sell alcohol, in Minnesota stores need to keep their liquor sections separate from their foodstuffs, including having its own exterior entrance.

Aldi warns shoppers on its website that the calendar might not be available everywhere, and as the Star Tribune explains, Aldi's smaller format stores makes having a separate liquor store with its own entrance unviable in Minnesota.

Still, there is a chance you could get your hands on one, if you're willing to pay a hefty premium.

USA Today reports that since they sold out, calendars have been popping up on eBay.

Dozens have been put up for sale, and people are determined to get them, with the newspaper noting that one calendar sold for $300 with a $50.85 shipping fee.

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What Minnesota will get a supply of, eventually, is Aldi's cheese advent calendar, that features 24 mini cheeses behind each door.

At $12.99 it's somewhat cheaper than the wine, though Aldi is also expecting a rush on them judging by its website, which limits purchases to 3 per customer.

Or you could just do what we suggest: buy a traditional advent calendar with pictures of stars, and shepherds, and snowmen etc., then drink a load of wine while looking at it in front of a roaring fire.

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