Ex-Minneapolis mayoral candidate will star in a Bravo reality show

Aswar Rahman will star in 'Welcome to Waverly.'
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Want your random story of the day? A young, former Minneapolis mayoral candidate will make his debut on a Bravo reality show later this month.

Aswar Rahman, who ran in last year's election won by Jacob Frey, is one of seven young professionals who were "shipped off" to Waverly, Kansas to learn about politics, work and life in small-town America.

The result is the new, four-part series Welcome To Waverly, which will premiere every night at 9 p.m. Central from Monday to Thursday, Oct. 22-25.

Here's the synopsis from Bravo.

"Welcome to Waverly will explore a major issue facing the United States today: the country's divide among big cities vs. small towns and how to bridge that gap. How will this new series accomplish such a seemingly huge undertaking, you ask?

"Well, we're taking a diverse group of seven professionals from major metropolitan areas and transporting them to the small town of Waverly, Kansas, population 563. For six weeks, they'll live and work alongside a local counterpart in their respective industries."

The Bangladeshi-born Rahman, who graduated from the U of M in 2013 and has a background himself in filmmaking, is still heavily involved in Minnesota politics after his mayoral run last year.

He is currently the digital director for DFLer Dean Phillips' campaign for the 3rd Congressional District.

He is hosting watch party for the shows every night between Oct. 22 and Oct. 25 at the St. Anthony Main Theatre. More details can be found here.

"I could tell you how it was, what I did, how many racks of ribs I ate — or you could come watch the whole show with me," he wrote on Facebook.

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