Excitement in Excelsior as movie crew arrives for Hollywood film

Actor Frank Langella has been shooting scenes in the Minnesota town.
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There has been a buzz on the shores of Lake Minnetonka this week, as a movie crew arrived to film scenes on the streets of Excelsior.

FOX 9 reports that the bustling lakeside town has been chosen as a cheaper alternative to New York for the filming of Lapham Rising.

The movie's main character is played by the legendary Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon, Robot & Frank), who has been spotted in Excelsior filming scenes this week.

According to IMDB, Langella plays Harry March, a retired writer with a talking dog (yes) whose quiet life in the Hamptons is thrown into turmoil when a multimillionaire starts building a mansion across the streets from his home.

The picturesque surroundings Excelsior, therefore, is serving as a double for the exclusive New York summer retreat of the Hamptons for the movie.

Some locals have snapped pictures of filming taking place on Water Street well as at the docks, and shared them to the "Lake Minnetonka Fan Club" Facebook group.

Deadline reported on Friday that other big names confirmed for "Lapham Rising" include Bobby Cannavale (Antman, Chef, Boardwalk Empire), Stockard Channing (The West Wing, Grease), and Ashley Benson (Spring Breakers, Pretty Little Liars).

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