Fairgoer creates map for new State Fair foods and people love it

A tip of the cap to the one called "Applesaucesome."
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Frustrated with the map feature on the Minnesota State Fair app, a fairgoer created their own and it's drawing fantastic reviews on Reddit.

"I thought I'd make a Google map to navigate to all the new foods since the mobile app is utterly useless," said Reddit user Applesaucesome, while noting that the State Fair's food map is better on desktop.

The post is currently in the top spot on the Minnesota subReddit and has received a bunch of comments from thankful fairgoers who were equally annoyed with the map in the State Fair's app. 

In checking it out ourselves, it's pretty slick. The map has markers for all the new foods and when you click a marker it offers descriptions of what the new foods are. 

All you have to do is open the map, click on a blue marker and then read the description. On an iPhone you might have to click on a marker, scroll down to see the name of the vendor and then click it for a description, but only if it doesn't automatically pop up. 

Here's what it looks like on an iPhone, with the photo on the left the map when you open it and the photo to the right showing what happens when you click on a marker and then click the name of the vendor. 

State fair map

For more on the 27 new foods at this year's fair, check out this drool-worthy photo gallery. 

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