Fall colors beginning to show up as Minnesota inches towards autumn

Stunning displays of color change are moving from north to south.
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You've likely already noticed trees in your neighborhood starting to shed leaves and give a hint of color change, part of the first signs that fall is fast approaching. 

Northern parts of Minnesota are already seeing significant fall colors introduced in the trees and shrubs, grasses and wildflowers. Dry conditions have actually rushed the process in northwestern parts of the state, where 25-50 percent change already noticeable, according to Explore Minnesota

Explore notes that color changes are more visible in shrubs, grasses and wildflowers in central Minnesota, while change in trees is is just starting to happen. 

In the Twin Cities area, there is little change in trees but "abundant color" in wildflowers and grasses. The same goes for southern Minnesota, where the prairie grasses are really starting to turn colors. 

You can check out this Minnesota Department of Natural Resource's link to see color changes happening in specific parts of the state. 

The first official day of fall is next Saturday, Sep. 22, which corresponds pretty well with the time most of Minnesota's nature really starts to make noticeable changes in color. 

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