Closure of Family Fresh leaves Twin Cities exurb without a grocery store

Farmington's only grocery store closed on Friday.

The 23,000 residents of Farmington are now without a local grocery store after Family Fresh closed its doors on Friday.

The store announced the closure last month, sparking dismay among local residents for some of whom the store was a lifeline.

The nearest grocery store for residents is now the Cub Foods in Lakeville, more than six miles away.

While for those with cars it's merely an inconvenience, for those with mobility issues or those who rely on transit, getting their shopping is now a real challenge.

KSTP reports that Farmington City Council member Joshua Hoyt described it as a "public health crisis," now that thousands of residents don't have immediate access to "simply things like food and medicine."

"For some people this is their only option," he said. "If I'm sitting in my apartment or my house and I don't have a vehicle or I don't have the means to travel 5 or 6 miles, how am I going to make it through to the next day or two?"

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The closure sparked a major response on social media, with the Sun ThisWeek reporting some of this was directed at encouraging Aldi and Hy-Vee to open in their city.

Aldi received planning permission to open a grocery store back in 2017, but two years later construction hasn't yet started.

Hy-Vee, meanwhile, provided no update as to the timeline for its proposed Farmington store when asked in the summer by the Star Tribune.

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