Family plants 10 sunflower fields for everyone to enjoy for free

Johnny Fish has been planting sunflower fields in the north metro for five-plus years.
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A Big Lake man is sharing his sunflower fields with people – for free – to bring happiness and spread the sunshine. 

Johnny Fish has been planting sunflower fields in the north metro for five-plus years, he said in a Facebook post. This summer, he planted 10 fields full of bright yellow flowers, according to his Fish Sunflowers website

The field in Rogers has already bloomed, with video of the field showing paths for people to walk along. The other fields are expected to bloom in August or September. 

The Fish Sunflowers website is updated with the exact location about a week before the field blooms in order to prevent premature visitors and you can subscribe to an email newsletter to get updates on when fields will bloom. 

The sunflower fields aren't an event – people are visiting at their own risk, according to the Fish Sunflowers Facebook group, adding that each field comes with its own instructions (they're located on private property). What visitors won't find is a donation box or any political signs – it's free to all who want to enjoy them.

The Fish family is doing this to spread sunshine and positivity, asking that people share their photos in the group to pay it forward to others.

Free access to sunflower fields is good news for many photographers looking to take pictures as the fields have become a sought after backdrop for selfies and family photos. 

In recent years, access to sprawling sunflower fields has become tricky. There have been reports of sunflower fields across the world being destroyed by swarms of Instagrammers looking for the perfect picture to post, forcing some locations to ban visitors altogether

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