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Family rescues dog dumped near railroad tracks in St. Paul

They're raising money to help give the neglected pup the loving life he deserves.
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Tommy the dog. 

Tommy the dog. 

A dog that was apparently thrown from a car window in a garbage bag has been adopted, and his new family is raising money to give the "neglected and fearful pup" the loving life he deserves. 

Rebekah Arms was driving in St. Paul's East Side on Oct. 1 when she saw someone dump Tommy, as the dog is now called, near the railroad tracks, a Go Fund Me page says. (He got his name because they thought of Thomas the Tank Engine since he was left near the tracks, KSTP notes.)

She stopped to try to pick up the dog, with the help of animal control and good Samaritans, but he avoided them for hours and wouldn't let anyone near him, the page says. 

The next day, someone in the area lured the dog into a kennel and got in touch with Rebekah Arms and her husband Nathaniel Arms, who took Tommy in. 

Tommy's fur was matted and he had burrs when the Arms took him in. 

Tommy's fur was matted and he had burrs when the Arms took him in. 

The Arms worked with a K9 retrieval service to check to see if Tommy had a microchip and to file paperwork to adopt an abandoned dog. They brought Tommy to the vet to remove his matted fur and burrs and get him checked out. 

The Arms say Tommy came to them as a "neglected and fearful pup," and they want to give him the "best life that we can offer," noting he has a long journey of rehabilitation, according to the Go Fund Me. 

Since Rebekah Arms saw Tommy get dumped near the railroad tracks, they've been documenting their adventure with their new four-legged family member on Instagram (watch the highlights here).

And Tommy has been making improvements, warming up to his new humans and getting along with the Arms' other dog, Casi. He gets 2-3 walks a day, lots of treats and they've started some training to "exercise his mind."

They plan to bring Tommy to the vet in early November to get his required shots and scheduled his neutering surgery.

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The Arms will use their own finances for Tommy's new life, but started the Go Fund Me page to help pay for the upfront costs associated with rehabilitating the dog who was "clearly abused and neglected." They have a goal of $1,000.

They plan to hire a private trainer for Tommy, with the hope that he gets better with strangers, can go to dog parks, and stops "terrorizing" their cats. 

They'll also use the money raised through the Go Fund Me to pay for neutering, his shots, a microchip, dog licensing, long-overdue grooming and "lots and lots of treats and toys for training."

Any additional money raised through the page will be donated to the Animal Humane Society to help other animals in need. 

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