Fargo Brewing Co. putting dogs on its cans... so you can adopt them

They're partnering with a local rescue organization.

A North Dakota brewery has figured out a way to let you indulge your love of craft beer and dogs at the same time. 

And, perhaps most importantly, it's for a cause.

Fargo Brewing Company is now putting local rescue dogs on its beer cans, with the labels featuring not only "mugshots" of the canines, but also their names and "fun facts" about them as well — all in the hopes it will help them find homes, according to this NBC Nightly News piece:

NBC says the first round of these special cans features six dogs, though a staff member tells the network they hope to feature a "new bitch" of dogs in three or four months. 

Fargo Brewing Company is working with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, a local organization dedicated to "rescuing and rehoming" dogs. 

If you're interested in the new cans — either for what's inside or for the dogs, or both — the brewery's website says it's available in not only North Dakota, but also Minnesota, South Dakota, and parts of western Wisconsin.

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