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Fireball in the sky causes UFO hysteria in Minnesota

The green orb flying across the sky was probably a meteor.
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People all across the country were freaking out Sunday when they saw what they thought was a UFO zipping across the sky. 

Among them, KFAN radio's A.J. Mansour, who got the UFO ball rolling in Minnesota with a tweet saying: "You guys, I just saw a UFO in Arbor Lakes!" Mansour described it as a green shooting star with a fiery white tail. 

Is Mansour crazy? Not at all. In fact, he witnessed what people all over the country saw. 

But this probably wasn't an alien spacecraft, nor was it a top secret military test. It's much more likely that it was a meteor streaking across the sky. The American Meteor Association received 273 reports of the fireball from people in Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska and Ohio. 

Charlie Elder captured one of the few decent photos of it – the feature image at the top of the story – from his home in northern Missouri. 

"My family and I were out shooting fireworks in my back yard and I was taking pictures and had my phone in my hand at that very moment," Elder told BMTN. "I could see the bright light coming for a little distance coming toward me and it lasted about 10 seconds and then it disappeared."

Here's some pretty solid video of the fireball from Fox2Now in Missouri. 

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