Food parasite outbreak linked to Sonora Grill in Minneapolis

It's affected people who ate their between May 18-20.
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An outbreak of intestinal illnesses in Minnesota has been linked back to Sonora Grill in Minneapolis.  

The Minnesota Department of Health says 17 people who ate at Sonora Grill between May 18-20 have been sickened by Cyclospora, an intestinal illness caused by a parasite in food or water. 

The MDH is asking anyone who ate there during that time, whether they got sick or not, to contact them so they can better regulate the problem. 

“Even if you have not been sick, your information can help us identify what may have caused these illnesses and prevent future illnesses,” an MDH official said in a release. 

You can contact the MDH by calling 651-201-4891. 

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This outbreak is not believed to be related to an ongoing Cyclospora outbreak caused by Del Monte vegetable trays purchased at Kwik Trip gas stations in Wisconsin and Minnesota. To date, the MDH has received 20 reports of Minnesotans sickened by the veggie trays.

Specifically, it's the 6 oz. and 12 oz. Del Monte trays containing broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and dill dip that are causing the sickness. 

It can take up to a week before symptoms of Cyclospora arrive, but once they do infected people can experience: 

  • Frequent watery diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Cramping, bloating, and/or increased gas
  • Nausea (vomiting is less common)
  • Fatigue
  • Low-grade fever

Anyone with the symptoms are urged to contact their local health provider. 

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