For $300, Olive Garden will give you unlimited pasta for a year

But there's only 1,000 available.
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Are there any Olive Garden superfans out there? If so, you might want to pay attention.

The Italian restaurant chain has announced it's extending its "Never Ending Pasta Pass" promotion so that rather running for just 8 weeks, it lasts the whole year.

On Wednesday, the company said it will be allowing 1,000 "superfans" the chance to buy an "Annual Pasta Pass" for $300.

For that, pass holders will get unlimited pastas, sauces and toppings, as well as unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks.

You'll be able to buy the pass from 1 p.m. Thursday at

Olive Garden will also be making 23,000 of its 8-week unlimited "Pasta Passes" for $100, a promotion that is now in its 5th year.

Last year, 22,000 Pasta Passes sold out "instantaneously."

The 8-week period will run between Sept. 24 and Nov. 18. Olive Garden has more than 20 locations in Minnesota.

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How do you make your money back?

Olive Garden currently charges $11.99 for a design-your-own pasta bowl, while its pasta entrees range from $14.99-$18.99.

A soup, salad and breadstick combo meanwhile sets you back $10.49.

So let's say you're spending $22.48 for the meal, if you buy the $300 annual pass you'd need to eat there 14 times to make up for it – after that you're saving money (that is, if you already eat out a lot).

For the $100 pass, you'd need to eat there 5 times to make your money back.

"We have the most passionate fans who look forward to Pasta Pass and Never Ending Pasta Bowl throughout the year, and they've made it clear that eight weeks just isn't long enough," said Jennifer Arguello, executive vice president of marketing for Olive Garden.

"So we listened, and we're excited to give our guests more of what they've been asking for – an Annual Pasta Pass that extends our Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion year-round."

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