For Halloween, "Deadly Drive-in" comes to Rosedale Center

It is presented by Flip Phone Events, the producers behind other popular local events

The producers of the popular drag brunches at Union restaurant and dance parties at First Avenue have come up with a socially distant way to celebrate Halloween this year.

Beginning Oct. 15, Flip Phone Events will set up shop in the Rosedale Center parking lot with a spooky drive-in experience for three weekends, running Thursday-Saturday. 

At the "Deadly Drive-in," guests (who are encouraged to stay isolated by household in each car) park their vehicle underneath a tent, where they receive a (sanitized) radio and hand over their keys.

Then, characters will "do everything possible to scare them through the barrier of the car window" throughout a 30-minute show with various themes, a press release says. 

"Rosedale Center is taking all the precautions necessary to make this a safe event amid the pandemic," the press release reads. "While drivers might find some “bloody handprints” on the exterior of their vehicles after leaving the tent, participants will have the opportunity to wash away the evidence before they drive away." 

The event is recommended for ages 14 and up. Tickets go on sale Sept. 17 at

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