Former Robbinsdale Cooper student returns library book nearly 50 years late

It's the second Minnesotan to be in the news for an unbelievably late library book.
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What's the latest you've returned something? Maybe a week or two late on a library book or Red Box rental? It happens, we've all been there. 

But it takes a special kind of procrastinator to return something as late as a former Robbinsdale Cooper High School student did earlier this month. 

On Feb. 13, Cooper Principal Frank Herman tweeted a photo of a recently returned library that arrived in the mail with a note from the former student who checked it out of the Edwin J. Cooper High School library around 1970. 

"Sorry this return took almost 49 years," says the unidentified Class of 1971 student's hand-written note. 

This isn't a one-of-a-kind story, but it might be something Minnesotans have a knack for doing. 

In 2016, a former University of Dayton student, James Phillips of Minnesota, returned a library book 49 years after renting it, saying he misplaced it after leaving college to join the military. 

Late fees at the University of Dayton in 1967 were 2 cents a day, which after more than 18,000 days would've added up to a bill of about $360. 

It's unclear what the late fee at Cooper High School was in 1970. 

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