Former Sen. Al Franken gets his own radio show on SiriusXM

The show will broadcast every Saturday morning.
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Former Minnesota senator Al Franken is getting his own national radio show, launching an hourly program every Saturday morning on SiriusXM.

After keeping a low profile following his resignation from the Senate in the wake of claims of inappropriate conduct, Franken has been increasingly returning to the public spotlight in recent months.

And starting this Saturday, the former SNL comedian will be on SiriusXM Progress channel 127, with his show going out at 9 a.m. every week, with replays throughout the day.

Called "The Al Franken Show," he'll broadcast from SiriusXM's studios in D.C., where he'll host "thought-provoking conversations with headliners and experts in the fields of politics, entertainment, media, technology, global affairs, and more."

The first guest on his show will be comedy legend Chris Rock, with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and comedian Patton Oswalt among the other scheduled guests for future shows.

"When I'm interviewing Harry or former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, I'll be the funny one," Franken said. "When I interview Rock or Patton Oswalt, I'll be the one who served eight-and-a-half years in the Senate."

"I'm excited to be back on SiriusXM, which carried my Air America show back in the day," he added.

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Franken's political expertise will also be used by SiriusXM for its coverage of the 2020 elections, with Franken joining the SiriusXM Progress team to cover the presidential debates, primaries and Election Night.

"Al Franken is an important and influential progressive voice, whom many have missed. SiriusXM is the perfect platform for him to re-enter the public conversation," said Megan Liberman, SiriusXM's Senior Vice President of News, Talk, and Entertainment Programming.

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