FOX 9, Minnesota Twins meteorologist Mace Michaels recovering after heart attack

Michaels said his heart attack came without any warning signs.
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A familiar face and voice for Midwest weather enthusiasts is recovering at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale, after suffering a heart attack on Wednesday. 

Michaels, a meteorologist for FOX 9, WeatherNation, the Minnesota Twins, and the SevereStudios Radio Network found out that his stomach ache on Wednesday was actually a severe heart attack that could've killed him. 

"It really happened out of nowhere," Michaels said. "I was feeling fine until the pain hit, and I didn't think it was a heart attack – I thought it was just stomach pain/acid."

He was working for SevereStudios when it happened. 

"Mace never misses a shift, so when he said, 'I'm not feeling well, you need to finish my computer scheduling,' on Wednesday afternoon, I knew it was serious," said SevereStudios owner Kory Hartman. 

Michaels is only 47 years old. He doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs – he watches what he eats (he's a TV star for crying out loud) and doesn't have heart problems in his immediate family history. 

"I'm boring," Michaels joked. 

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The FOX 9 weather team has been hit hard with health scares the last couple of years. 

Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard lost part of his lower lip after he was diagnosed in 2016 with squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, and meteorologist Steve Frazier continues his fight against pancreatic cancer. 

Frazier's has told his story with updates on Facebook and Twitter, and he recently did a thoughtful interview with Jerrid Sebesta's (the former KARE 11 meteorologist) podcast, "Repurposed." 

Both Leonard and Frazier, among countless others at FOX 9, the Twins and SevereStudios, have been in contact with Michaels since his heart attack. 

"I'm blessed to have such great friends and co-workers," Michaels said. 

Michaels plans to be back to work this weekend. 

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