FOX 9 reporter Dawn Mitchell calls out sexist troll on Twitter

A troll criticized her age, and she hit back.
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A FOX 9 reporter has called out a misogynistic Twitter troll who told her "u used to be cute until u got old."

Dawn Mitchell, a sports anchor-reporter for the Twin Cities' FOX affiliate, posted a screengrab of the tweet she received from a Twitter user, saying it's an example of the harassment women get "on a daily basis."

The tweet from user @TiXiong13, which has since been deleted, read: "Dawn, u used to be cute until u got old. I still enjoy the sports segment on fox 9 news [sic]."


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"I’m so over being abused on a daily basis," Mitchell then tweeted. "Women are too sexy too young -too fat -too old - always too something. How about amazing at our jobs?"

The response to her tweet was far more life-affirming, with scores of colleagues and followers messaging their support.

Here's her full tweet.

Twitter is not a friendly place for women

The dumpster fire that is Twitter is disproportionately unkind to women, particularly those in the public eye.

Earlier this year, Amnesty International said Twitter was not doing enough to protect women from online violence and abuse, and as such was creating a "toxic environment for them."

Even social media-driven movements like #MeToo, while empowering for some women, can also make them a target for backlash.

A poll of American women found 33 percent of them had experienced abuse or harassment on social media. 

The human rights group carried out a separate survey of British women, 78 percent of whom said they felt they could not share an opinion on Twitter as they fear hostile reprisals.

Only 9 percent of those same women felt Twitter was doing enough to combat abuse.

The problem is also particularly acute for women working as sports reporters in America, who are routinely subjected to abuse from supposed male sports fans because of their gender.

This video from 2016 shows how bad it can get, when Just Not Sports had a group of men read out – to their faces – some of the tweets sent to sports reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DeCaro.

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