Friendly deer goes viral after encounter with Minnesotans

These residents of Hugo were shocked by the affable doe.
viral deer Hugo

The northern Twin Cities metro area is in a viral spotlight after a friendly deer greeted residents in Hugo last weekend. 

It happened Saturday night when John Dolan and his son were outside to grab his son's mail. While getting the mail, the friendly doe walked alongside, letting the son pet it and proceeding to meet and greet others in the neighborhood. 

"I took this video a few hours ago at my son’s house in Hugo, MN. My son was going to get mail and I noticed the deer coming close to him," said Dolan in a Facebook post dated Jan. 4

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You can see an extended video that the doe reaches its head into a woman's car and begins munching on some french fries, shocking the woman, who later runs inside to get it some corn. 

"It’s the coolest and craziest thing I have ever seen. A beautiful healthy doe, just cruising the neighborhood," Dolan added. 

As of Thursday afternoon, the Facebook video has more than 1.4 million views. 

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