Frontier flash sale offers MSP flights to 8 cities from $25

The deals end on Wednesday.
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Frontier Airlines launched a flash sale on Tuesday that is offering cheap flights from Minneapolis-St. Paul to 8 domestic destinations.

The budget airline's "1 million fares on sale" ends on Wednesday, so you have until the end of the day to book a flight before the deal expires.

There are 10 flights from MSP where on-way fares range from $25 to $44.

You can see the full list here: With $25 fares including trips to Trenton, NJ, Austin, Orlando and Colorado Springs.

One-way fares for $34 are available for flights to Fort Myers, Colorado Springs, and Denver, while flights for $44 can be booked for trips to Tampa, Austin, and Cleveland.

As ever with booking flights during "flash sales," particularly with budget airlines, there are conditions to the sale.

For example, you cannot book flights for between Nov. 20 and Dec. 2, as well as for Dec. 20. Flights typically are only available on 3 or 4 days of the week, generally Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Then you have to deal with baggage fees on top of that, which will cost as much as the tickets being sold.

Per Lugless, Frontier charges between $30-$60 for carry-on baggage, with the $60 charge for those who pay at the gate. It'll also charge you $35-$60 for checked baggage, according to SkyScanner.

Frontier also charges between $6 to $26 if you want to choose your own seat prior to traveling.

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