'Garage Logic' bids emotional farewell to the Minnesota State Fair

They've been broadcasting from the fair for 25 years.
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Twenty-five years of doing radio shows at the Minnesota State Fair came to an end on Friday as the gang from 1500 ESPN's "Garage Logic" said farewell. 

Garage Logic, the show hosted by long-time Twin Cities media man Joe Soucheray, was canceled by 1500 ESPN and will be over on the airwaves for good after their final show on Sep. 7. But Soucheray promises that Garage Logic's isn't done just yet. 

"It all will be continued, and we'll have more information for you next week as we attempt to figure out," he said at the close of Friday's show. "It will all be continued on what the newfangled people call a podcast. But the whole gang, we're going to give it a run together." 

Even though the show will continue as a podcast, emotions were running high as the final minutes of their show on Friday ticked off the clock in front of large audience on-hand to pay their respects. 

"This is the official farewell to Garage Logic moment," Soucheray said. "You are, really, this is the best radio audience in the country, and I'm not kidding. We can't thank you enough, you've been fantastic. 

"We've kind of created something unique, didn't we?"

Soucheray was able to hold back the tears, but that wasn't the case for long-time producer and sidekick Matt Michalski, better known as "Rookie." 

"Okay I cried. When you are told it’s over, you can cry. I have loved this job for so long and will never forget the fans," Rookie said. 

We'll pass along the news about what's in store for Garage Logic's future when Soucheray makes announcements next week. 

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