General Mills is bringing fruity shapes back to Trix cereal

General Mills received more than 20,000 requests to bring them back.
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A colorful ball of sugary cereal is delicious enough, but it feels much better if you can trick yourself into thinking you're eating fruit. 

Sadly, a dozen years ago, General Mills ended the run of fruity shapes in Trix, which were a staple from 1991-2006, and went back to the original ball-shaped pieces that Trix debuted with in 1954.  

General Mills says it has received more than 20,000 requests in the last 18 months to bring the fruity shapes back. To Trix fans' delight, General Mills has obliged

“We have heard from an overwhelming number of Trix fans who have been calling, emailing and reaching out on social media telling us that they want fruity shapes back. Kids of the 90s can rejoice, their fruity shapes are back in Trix," says Scott Baldwin, director of marketing at General Mills.

The shapes will rollout nationwide and are already on store shelves in many Minnesota grocery stores. 

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